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When Life sends us a difficult path to tread, all you need to keep on walking is a Counselor to cheer on your soul and a Cobbler to re-sole your favorite shoes. Let your soul and your soles experience the rare blending of both worlds to improve your walk in life.

Uncommon Counseling in a Most Unusual Place

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Nestled deep in the high desert forests of Washington State


About Me & My Counseling Approach

      My Professional Footprint & Credentials
Over 30 years of mental health counseling experience, working alongside Individuals, Couples, Parents & Families to assist in resolving the difficulties they face with solutions that work and fit their lives.
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Lewis & Clark College, 1988.
State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, WA, LH# 00003942  Verify here
State Licensed Professional Counselor, OR, C# 0699  Verify here
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“I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.” Anonymous

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