“To my hearing family and friends… I have a very close and dear friend who is a State Licensed Counselor and Life Coach. His name is John “Rob” Garner. He is also an amazing Cobbler located in Southeastern Washington. I have known him and his family for 30 years. He has a new online counseling service using a secure software similar to Skype, but which is HIPPA compliant for confidentiality. I wanted to pass on his information with you and highly recommend him as a Counselor and Life Coach. With this secure software, you can receive his services from the comfort of your own home. He is a deep, wise and gentle soul…the kind of person you want to sit with for a long while by a warm fire and a cup of tea. I have shared meals with him. I have drummed with him. I have listened to his travel stories and his deeply personal discoveries, and he has listened to mine. He is a man of deep integrity. He was once a supervisor to me when I was a counselor at a Deaf school. He oversaw our Counseling Dept. for a time as a contracted supervisor so that we could upgrade our skills and hours for certification (we used ASL interpreters to work with him). I have nothing but good things to say about John and wanted to share his website with you. Check it out. There is a short video of him there. When you see it, you will get what a wise, gentle and seasoned professional he is. Please share with others who might be in need of his services.”  LRZ, Master Certified Retreat & Life Coach, Washington State


“Rob’s therapy clients, both adults and children, consistently progress in their recovery as a result of his competent and caring approach. He has extensive experience in child services and management in this area. The atmosphere Rob creates in our office is strongly focused on client success and satisfaction with mutual support among team members.”                                                                          MM, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Washington State

“I was in trauma therapy with Rob “John” for over ten years. I can say with complete sincerity that the work that we did together saved my life. It gave me the chance to actually have a life, free from the severe sexual abuse that I suffered since I was four. Well, every abuse is severe, but mine was violent and consistent and nearly killed me on a few occasions.
Before meeting Rob “John” I was working with a wonderful woman. She was retiring and he was to take her position. I was adamant about seeing a woman. She said she thought he might be a match for me and encouraged me to give him at least a try. It took maybe two years for me to begin to build trust with him. I was very wary of sharing my history and what had happened to me. But I found I liked him. He emanated a kind of warmth and kindness that was reassuring. At this time I had become agoraphobic and only left my apartment for these appointments and to buy groceries. I had so many anxieties and was incredibly sensitive. I still am highly sensitive but over the many years of our working together, I learned to set healthy boundaries for myself and have come to love and care for myself in ways where these sensitivities have become gifts, good friends who serve me well. I have learned that sometimes when I feel certain feelings that I am not in a safe situation or whatever it is I am contemplating is not good for me. In those years before my therapy, there was just so much internal noise, I was unable to decipher the messages. I would say this is the greatest gift of our therapy together—the ability to trust myself.
Over the course of my work with Rob “John”, I projected many things onto him. I am amazed that he was able to, not only handle my brutal tests, but he had such patience. He simply allowed me to have my own process without reacting or trying to control me into what he may have thought was right for me.  I was allowed to figure things out for myself. He was an incredible guide. We uncovered many things. I was able to regress to being a very young child and he became a very strong, healthy father figure for me. He literally helped to re-parent me and recover my innocence, and heal a very broken spirit. Gradually, over time, I was able to release the past, which included a divorce of a twenty-eight year, abusive marriage.
The gratitude I feel for Rob “John” is not something I can write in words. And although our work together completed itself, I continue to heal and expand into my fresh life. I am still learning about who I am and what I can offer the world. But I have a life now. I have friends, beautiful projects that are meaningful to me, healthy activities and a growing confidence — something I celebrate every day.”                              EG, Washington State
“When people tell me nothing has changed, I say come walk in my shoes and I will show you change.”  John Lewis

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